domingo, 10 de enero de 2010

Preening in flight

Nikon D300, AFS Nikkor 500VR+1,4XTC, handheld standing up near my car, manual exposure, about 60% full frame, 1/1250s, f8, ISO640

I am almost sure you have noticed my personal preference for the flamingos and, in the case that someone didn´t noticed how much I like this species here is another reason why I love them Instead of the fact that they are really beautiful and elegant, they are truly masters of flight. It is amazing how easy they can perform their daily routines, like preening or fight, during flight. This guy is almost ready to land but he spend about 4-5 seconds preening before landing. In this image I love the "&" shape of the bird, the neat eye and the feeling that the bird is floating in the air, effortlessly, like hanging from an invisible thread.