sábado, 27 de junio de 2009


Lophura is a genus of pheasant that includes some of the most striking bird species in the world and it is not only due to their fantastic colors but also by their extravagant feathers, watles, crests and amazing courtship behavior. The two species portrayed hear are the rare
Lophura bulweri and Lophura ignita. This watercolors were painted some years ago when I was working with animals in captivity in a project of environmental enrichment for birds housed in zoos and aviaries. I hade the oportunity of watching the only male of Bulwer´s pheasant that is held in captivity in Europe. Both watercolors were sold and are now hanging in the walls of private collections in The Netherlands.

3 comentarios:

Gyorgy Szimuly (Szimi) dijo...

Juan, I am stunned by your art. It is the first time I visited your blog and just surprised by your other side. I see some fine art here. I spend some time tomorrow to browse through your blog entries and see your production.


Marie-Monique dijo...

Vraiment superbe....quel talent...à très bientôt

kaoskaos dijo...

Me has dejado impresionada con estas tres acuarelas, eres un maestro, me alegro de haberte conocido, es una alegría encontrar personas como tu en este laberinto de redes, un placer no haber perdido hoy el tiempo en otras paginas sin talento, la tuya esta lleno de el. Enhorabuena. Un saludo.