domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

Regresando a casa/Going home

Nikon D300, AFS Nikkor 500VR, blind, Wimberly head and tripod, 1/1000s, f4, ISO500, Manual exposure

I have been really busy at the office since early september. No free time for going to photograph birds, not enought time for participation in my favorite forum ( and, and that is a very clear evidence of how much busy I am, no time for a single entry in my blog excepting the couple of B&W portraits that I posted in october.
I really need things return to normality very soon because I miss to handhold my lens and to track a fast bird flying. Diving in the files of my hard drive I have found this image, a heavy crop of about 6Mp and not the sharpest image I have ever done but I love it. I like a lot the empty space, white space, around the bird. The misty like mood of the scene and the, almost surrealistic, background at the right of the frame. It looks a kind of magic. Pherhaps someone could think that this is a strongly photoshoped image but it is not Sure I have spend about an hour playing with it on photoshop but that time is just the result of enjoying the processing of an image. Cropping for composition, levels adjustment (mostly on the bird but not on the BG), color balance in the background and sharpening. I love the balance between the turquoise blue and the warm right side of the composition. Blues and yellows works really well when they are put togheter. :-)

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PEP dijo...

Hola artista!! Ya me extañaba a mi no saber nada de ti en tanto tiempo.A mi me pasa igual estoy liado con las oposiciones y no veas....Por lo que comentas,pues si tiene su gracia,mas que nada el vuelo esta muy guapo y no es fácil pillar una carraca y menos volando.Ya le tengo ganoas yo a estos...Bueno compañero espero que tengas un poco más de tiempo y nos enseñesalgo tuyo que siempre valela pena de ver.Por que en otros foros esto del colegueo aburre un poco,fotos que ni fu ni fa 500 comentarios y sino cuando pones una foto de una rapaz predando ya te la montan y al final acaban dándose el piro en fin...Lo dicho me alegra tenernoticias tuyas.Un cordial saludo desde el Delta del Llobregat y hasta pronto!!!!